Casa Nueva was built on a strong, locally-rooted foundation. We buy the freshest, highest quality ingredients from as many local food and beverage producers that we can find. It has been part of our philosophy to give back to the community that helped us get on our feet and has given so much to us throughout our years.

We believe in keeping our local economy solid, so we try to keep our dollars close to home. We believe in maintaining a small carbon footprint, so we strive to buy all the product we can within a 150 mile radius. And a lot of our food comes from within 30 miles. To learn more about the 30 Mile Meal check out the Athens County Visitors Bureau website.

If we cannot source a product locally at a price that we can afford, we look for a few other criteria. We like to work with smaller companies that are local to their region rather than with large corporations. We look for organic products when we can get them. We also work with other cooperatives.

We do work with some larger companies who provide items for us at lower prices when a local, organic product would be cost prohibitive. But we are always on the lookout for viable replacements for those items that will fit into our pricing structure.

We are proud to work with many different local and regional businesses! We are always looking to connect with more. If you are a sustainable producer of food and are interested in working with Casa, please email our food coordinators at

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