July 15, 2016

It’s Brew Week here in Athens, Ohio, and you know what that means.

All Ohio Craft Beers, all over town.

If you come into Casa this week, you can sample plenty of Ohio beers…just like any other time of the year here at Casa.

And since local food is our specialty, we’ve mixed those local beers with those local foods to make our current seasonal menu a Brew Week extravaganza of beery goodness.

A lot of our seasonal dishes are like our regular dishes…with some extra special fillings. So we have burritos, quesadillas, scramblers, huevos rancheros, and enchilada platters all filled with our seasonal ingredients.

What are those seasonal ingredients, you ask. Well, this season they are shredded cabbage braised in Mt. Carmel Amber Ale and Integration Acres Chevre cheese.

Pretty much all of our entrees come with your choice of salsa. If you want the seasonal salsa, ask for the Salsa Borracha. Bonus points if you roll your r’s. This is a “Drunken Salsa” featuring Weasel Boy IPA.

If you’d like to start with a salad before your entree, you can ask for the seasonal dressing, too. This year we have a Buttermilk-Beer Ranch with Mt. Carmel Amber Ale. This dressing is not cooked, so the beer is really in there.

Our seasonal appetizer is a Summer White Bean Beer Cheese Dip. This also has some uncooked beer in it. Not enough to get you drunk, but enough that you’ll taste it.

If you’re here for breakfast, you can try our seasonal pancake featuring Little Fish Brewing’s Saison du Poisson Farmhouse Ale.

And for dessert, don’t miss our famous Smackdown. The Brew Week Smackdown is a double chocolate brownie topped with Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Ice Cream, served with real whipped cream and a Mt. Carmel Amber Ale caramel sauce. This Porter ice cream has been a favorite in past years, so we brought it back again this year. You can even order it on its own without all the smackdown action if that’s more your speed.

So come on in to Casa for Ohio Brew Week. Check out some samples of beers from all over the state. And have a beer filled Brew Week meal.

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