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We do not use microwaves to heat our food.

In fact, you won’t find a single microwave in our kitchens. We could reference you to any number of webpages that would tell you why any number of people think that microwaves are bad. We could push for all sorts of reasons why microwaves are bad for your health, the environment, etc. We’ll let you do your own research on this one, and we always encourage you to formulate your own opinion.

We just really value a slow-cooked meal, and the flavors that are created when using traditional equipment to cook with. Microwaves tend to make certain foods undesirably soggy, chewy, tough, crunchy, or unevenly cooked. Our convection ovens may take longer to cook your food, but they create thoroughly cooked items with perfect textures and flavors. Since that’s the kind of food we like to eat, that’s the kind of food we like to serve.


We do not have televisions in our establishment.

So we’re not a great place to go and watch the game, unless you have a laptop or a smartphone. But we are a great place to have really stimulating conversation, see some interesting local art, or see a lot of live music. See? We don’t need tvs. Not when we have each other.


No Shufflers

We don’t allow shufflers. Plain and simple. Shufflers can be disruptive, noisy, destructive, and unsafe. We want our place to be comfortable for all of our patrons, and shufflers can make our other customers uncomfortable. And yes, we know we have a bar with lots of alcoholic beverages, but we also want our patrons to drink responsibly. So if you are part of a shuffle and you come in to our establishment expecting shots for your whole group, you can expect that we won’t serve you and will ask you to leave. Thanks for understanding!


We do not allow firearms in our establishment.


We do not accept tips.

See our No-Tipping Policy.

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